Per Windberg

Per Windberg
Bio profile:

Per Winberg is since 2003 an education & training manager with Afa Insurance, responsible for education and training of some 2700 information officers in regions and county councils.
From 1989 - 2003 he worked as a claims manager with Afa Insurance, occupational injury insurance, and between 1997-1999 also served as a quality improvement consultant within the company.

He also holds a position as a coordinator of volunteer resources for the Stockholm County board, department of civil defense. 

Serving as s pilot in the Voluntary Air Corps since 2005, he was appointed Group commander in 2011, and was in 2022 appointed County commander.
Whilst not being able to boast any academical merits, he has earned the title Nobel peace price laureate in 1988, from serving with the UN peacekeeping forces.